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Dear friends and attention card wish to join friends growing up:

You are good!

In the card wish stores and direct store profitability, survival rate, brand image, market share of the overall ascension, our company has been the community and investors further recognition, has won the2010 " the most competitive brands"," the 2010best business model ten","2011China's best brand marketing innovation award" and other honors, and in 2011March by China Guangzhou International Auto Supplies Association awarded the" China automotive lighting leader " title. This a series of honor not only for cards wish an affirmation of strength, but also on the card Wilson years adhere to integrity-based strong praise, is the card by the majority of investors optimistic about Wilson and trust embodiment.

You have the love and support that we honor greatly, also let us feel heavy in the body. Self-disciplined, the pioneering spirit that we always do not forget the rules and ethics, in the future course of development, we will further strengthen management, improve service. At the same time, to join the due to join the contract period too short and not conducive to store long-term planning and stable development of the worry, the company headquarters decided to study, our company has joined the policy to make corresponding adjustment.

For details please call the advisory. Wish you all business flourishes! Money and treasures will be plentiful.

Guangzhou Lightech Lighting Co., Ltd. Limited

February 8, 2012

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