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Kawei fast car navigation a great debut AAITF

March 3rd - March 5th, the Sixth China International Auto Service Industry Exhibition ( AAITF ) in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Exhibition Center Grand opening! Card Wilson digital product center carrying its series of special machine products,4S stores the customized DVD navigation and the on-board computer and by 2010the latest design of dressage debut, to the industry solemnly declare : 2010card wish come! The opening of the card Wilson auto electronic 2010brand marketing year, again shook industry, caused wide concern.

As Asia's largest auto supplies exhibition and the first spring show, the AAITF "to search new product

Products, new models, witness the new trend "as the theme, from Kyushu International Media Group to automobile industry supplies the birthplace of Guangzhou region's most well-known five industry business association. Nearly 80000 square meters exhibition contains more than 4000 booth, attracting many domestic outreach to exhibit elegant demeanour.

Into the exhibition hall, reporters saw Wilson hall, card is simple and elegant, of great momentum. The wall repeatedly playing card wish public television

Division of long history and tradition, become a major highlight of the exhibition. Audio conversion experience zone so that the entire hall ran into potential, bearing extraordinary, highlights the card to wish the good enterprise image, attracting a large audience.

The reporter understands, the exhibition of card Wilson digital display a full range of products, focus on the introduction of the 2010new cars

Load DVD navigation and the on-board computer. At the beginning of the new year, wish digital card according to the car audio and video products development rule understanding, in the industry put forward for the first time the seventh generation vehicle information and entertainment system concept. Seventh generation vehicle information and entertainment terminal, is not only a function of the electronic products, but more mobile value-added services and professional services of interactive hardware terminal, reflect the automobile electronic technology and IT technology in the development of the integration of information, comply with the development direction. Card wish is the sixth generation vehicle information and entertainment system is the typical representative of. Its features include audio and video entertainment, GPS navigation, surfing the Internet, electronic reader, digital TV, one-key navigation, emergency rescue, location-based services, travel services.

This exhibition, another to attract a large number of customers is the highlight of the card Wilson launched the "5110strategy",

Namely: development of 5 major strategic customers, breed 100VIP agents, the construction of 1000community service shops, zero distance service. Card wish companies adhering to the " win-win" concept, according to customer service market operating characteristics to develop practical loose market policy, carefully constructed4S shops and traditional channel perfect segmentation, with effective marketing pattern to meet the needs of different customer margin requirements. To create the dealers, manufacturers and end the golden triangle relations among the three, achieve the benign and interactive, realize mutual benefit win-win. The 5110strategy, for the vast number of distributors to infuse powerful confidence, will promote the automotive electronics company comprehensive optimization of channel construction, improve the service system, the opening card Wilson navigation marketing year!

" What ah, such a delicate beautiful interface in the pavilion is not much see", from the two viewers in Foshan exhibition experience card when he repeatedly praised Wilson navigation products. This product adopts the high brightness digital screen and mature multi-core systems, the picture is more bright, more full, more stable. At the same time, it can also reduce the glare on visual experience adverse effects, jump pole stand, create new realm of vehicle image. We believe, card Wilson navigation products available and popular, will lead the new fashion consumption in vehicle navigation.

" The original car audio-visual Kawei quickly upgrade products prospective high, market operation, market potential is very great," in the car audio industry veteran professionals Lee in the experience of the original car to upgrade after Toyoda Kamimizu said to reporters after so. Field staff told the reporter, card Wilson digital launched the original car audio-visual upgrade products is the navigation DVD and audio to refit a technology system to combine the audio to refit a technology scheme, embodies the precision industry and sound of the perfect combination of art, with its professional experience and the civilian population of the price, for the vast number of consumers special audio-visual enjoyment, but also for the automotive electronics market opened up a new blue ocean.

It is reported, card Wilson digital in this exhibition have achieved great success, dozens of clients is the recent further negotiation and communication, other customers will then follow up one after another. We believe that, by the year of the tiger spring first exhibition performances, card wish will sail, stride forward singing militant songs, to build China's top supplier of automotive electronic equipment and make unremitting efforts.

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