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Ka Wei Xun factory in South China hand with great success trading more than one

For a few days to haze weather, the four seasons such as spring Guangdong brought some cold, but did not resist the HC buyers purchasing enthusiasm. Today, the sun is" awesome", finally showing his long-unseen smiling face, temperature is also greatly enhanced, in the sun, card wish factory also dress very beautiful.

At two fifty-five in the afternoon, HC buyer group arrived from Shenzhen factory card card wish, wish the sales team and Miss etiquette welcome, in a festive ribbon sound, from the five lakes and sea four dealers card wish factory tour.

Visiting card Wilson 's administrative office building, corner to the downstairs, HC buyers eyes suddenly" bright ", the original card Wilson put ten trucks bright car, the car was equipped with card Wilson products, at the same time invited six young beautiful girls to help out, was also slightly obviously quiet team, suddenly excited, we have come up with their own mobile phone, for cars, car product photograph, busy awfully. A lot of dealers, and models for a photo.

Experienced models beautiful" attract", eyes and attention have been transferred to the card Wilson products, perhaps card wish new too attractive, perhaps card Wilson 's new too fresh, you or a card Wilson staff, or by twos and threes groups of products.

Visiting card Wilson production workshop, HC buyer delegations to Dhaka wish to elaborate conference attended " card Wilson original car upgrade button start world's ceremony."

The original electronic card wish car upgrade button start with the original anti-theft car, do not change habits, more stable performance; matching the original car wiring harness, shear line, ultra-thin keys, perforation-free, installation and restoration of more convenient; imported chip equipment yuan, quality more stable performance more durable; built-in low frequency induction, anti interference strong. Not a destruction of the original car, better, have more to upgrade the space, is the original electronic car upgrade key card wish to start the main window.

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