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To see the transformation of Auto Parts City From the sixty-fifth session of the National  

April Ningbo gradually under the intermittent rain, the sixty-fifth session of the National Auto Parts Fair in the Jiangnan rain blossom beautifully. Automotive parts network groups to participate in the national auto parts will.

[ ] in the HC HC auto parts network live broadcast interview, successively from Beijing five days Accor Auto Parts City, Anhui international automobile city land with auto market and Sichuan nine Peak International Auto Expo Metro officials accepted the interview hc. The author discovers in interview, each city auto parts are the most critical strategic transformation.

Five days Ya Cheng Zong in an automotive accessories network said in an interview, five days Ya two main building has been completed, is in a phase of renovation. The two phase of the project is completed the main operating supplies automotive market.

Five days Ya Cheng thinks, the first five days Ya existing pattern of accessories market has been very mature, basically meet the needs of trading platform. Secondly, automotive supplies the development and accessories to be roughly the same. Beijing City, the car retains the quantity is about 3000000, but mainly to family cars. While the auto supplies precisely to meet the family car products. Through market research, five days Ya two was defined as the automotive supplies and quality of strategic height.

Anhui earth with auto market Deng Zong in an automotive accessories network said in an interview, the auto distribution will be committed to the Auto City business brand building, to help businesses improve their own brand through to activate the auto parts city brand cohesion. Industry revitalization planning introduced the copycat issue placed on the desktop, China auto parts industry to obtain the considerable development must face the problem. The earth with auto market that the key to this question, then choose from brand proceed with, thus purifying the market environment, to provide a platform for auto practitioners also earned the opportunity.

Nine Peak International Auto City will put more energy on the scale of the operation. Nine Peak International Auto City through the existing resource advantage, the auto purchase intensive and meticulous farming, in effect size and gain the initiative. Through the three nine Flemish City auto parts and operating experience, the nine peak of International Auto City know that in the current economic environment, want in the market occupy a space for one person, must have a large scale to do the backing. Given this understanding, the nine peak of International Auto City location to him in the performance of auto will add a bright.

With the advent of the financial crisis, all walks of life in response to the financial crisis has had a lot of improvement. Especially in the country launched the industry revitalization plan, a downturn in the global economy more highlights China's market has great potential. The Ningbo national auto it" Guyu" just passed, after a baptism of China auto parts industry will be on the industry revitalization planning and the national policy support it, quickly grow sturdily!

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