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U.S. media selected out of the 20 thousand and 160 most energy saving models

Recently, the United States media selected the ten most fuel-efficient models, there is no accident, this list is still being a new energy car tyrants according to. But to be fair, the new energy vehicles (EV, PHEV) with ordinary fuel vehicles were divided, according to the previous list, a common fuel car in the field of Japanese hybrid version is evergreen, but in the field of new energy on the figure almost disappeared......

In addition, in order to understand the reader, the first "MPGe" MPGe to make a brief introduction. In order to facilitate the separate area of the fuel economy of EV and PHEV/ ordinary fuel vehicles, the United States EPA (EPA) by using the energy equivalent calculation method, to 33.7 kwh equivalent to 1 gallons of gasoline, calculated the EV energy efficiency, with "MPGe" as a unit, to distinguish between ordinary gasoline vehicles, the "MPG" the unit value is as high as possible, and we used the 100 km fuel consumption value is just the opposite.

The following is the list of the top ten new energy vehicles:


From this list, we can see that is not the most fuel-efficient electric, many readers do not understand, even more than pure electric BMW I3 this program (with the engine), this is because the EPA power consumption and fuel consumption of "equivalent" unit conversion (33.7 kwh equivalent to 1 gallons of gasoline), so after the conversion, electricity or a gallon of far higher ranking, this is like an energy saving car competition of Honda, this algorithm is more close to the fact, totally different from the domestic fuel consumption algorithm, for plug-in hybrid, domestic manufacturers claim that fuel consumption of 2 liters or less, but the actual owners to be estimated eight or nine liters.


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