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Young people preferred to buy BYD fuel version of the first model recommended

BYD is a super popular SUV, the initial listing, with superior color value, the yuan will be a lot of young eyes focused on his body. In two months after the listing, BYD yuan continued to heat up, but with a wealth of configuration, strong performance and excellent quality, has become a lot of 80, 90, from the heart of the generation of Dream Car.

It is worth mentioning that this "Mack Daddy" a total of 14 models, even temporarily do not control the performance of the two guards version of the preparation, Yuan fuel version is still had a football team. For this phase of the small and medium sized SUV young friends, the 11 version of the fuel model exactly how to buy, is undoubtedly a heavy task task. Now, Xiao Bian came to recommend a number of young consumers preferred models for the first purchase, to help you successfully find the most suitable for their own, energy SUV".

First of all, Yuan fuel version of the model is divided into two kinds of powertrain, respectively 1.5L collocation five speed manual six speed automatic collocation models and 1.5TI models, 1.5L models maximum power of 80 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 145 nm. 1.5TID models maximum power of 113 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 240 nm. The former economic fuel-efficient, the latter power is strong, two flowers, each table a, first said 1.5L models.

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